Package com.mebigfatguy.mongobrowser.dialogs

Interface Summary
MongoPanel a common interface for panels to be informed when a database is connected to or disconnected from

Class Summary
ConnectionDialog a dialog for requesting server and port information for a mongo server
DoubleDocument a JTextComponent model class that only allows Double values
FloatDocument a JTextComponent model object that only allows float value input
IndexFieldListCellEditor a cell editor for a set of fields/directions for an index
IntegerDocument a JTextComponent model class that only allows Integer values
KeyValueDialog a dialog for collecting key/value pairs for a mongo object property
MongoBrowserFrame the main frame of the browser
MongoControlPanel the panel the houses the button bar for all the controls
MongoDataPanel the panel that holds the tree of mongo database objects
MongoTreeCellRenderer a table cell renderer for showing the list of fields that an index controls
MongoTreeNode.KV holds the key value of a mongo object property
MongoTreeNode.Root a dummy object used as a constructor differentiator for the root of the tree

Enum Summary

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